Recording vocals on iOS

Voice Record Pro 7 is a free (ad-supported) app for iOS 7 that supports all the necessary settings to record high-quality vocals with an iPhone.

Open the app and follow the steps below to configure my recommended settings for recording vocals with the camera microphone on the back of the phone:

  1. Tap on the gear icon to open Options, and tap on Settings:


  2. Tap on Advanced Recording, change the Record Engine to Advanced, then tap Done:


  3. Back at the main screen, tap on the red Record icon to bring up recording settings, and switch to the Advanced tab to change the recording settings:


  4. Tap the Levels icon (five bars), then change the microphone Position to Back:


  5. While on this screen, you can adjust your microphone gain by singing fortissimo into the back of your phone (you may need a mirror) while watching the meter. If it goes into the red, reduce the input gain.

  6. Finally hit the check mark to confirm your settings.

Now you’re ready to record!

  1. Hit either the Start icon, or the red record icon to begin:


  2. After you’re done, you’ll see your recording, and options to save it. Tap on the .wav filename to rename it, then tap Save to iCloud and then tap Upload to actually upload it to iCloud:


Once you’ve recorded one or more tracks, you’ll have to actually submit it. To do that:

  1. Open the submission link in Safari, and fill out all the fields.
  2. Tap Add files, and choose Browse ... from the popup menu. Then tap on the Voice Record Pro 7 folder and select the recording you want to upload. Don’t upload the .meta file.


  3. Repeat 2-4 for any additional files you want to upload.
  4. Tap Upload and Submit to submit your recordings.

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